Wallingford Hawks Youth Hockey Association, Since 1946 a youth hockey league in Wallingford, CT that believes in ice hockey as a vehicle for personal growth and establishing life-long friendships.

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Welcome Parent Managers!!
First of all, THANK YOU you for stepping up and agreeing to handle this responsibility for your team!  The role of Parent Manager (“PM” for short) is a critical one in the organizational structure of the Wallingford Hawks.  PMs are a vital contact point and communication liaison between the Board of Directors, team parents, and coaches.  It is extremely important that all PMs take on their roles with consistent energy and enthusiasm.  While the position can sometimes be demanding, it can also be very rewarding.  A good PM will help build an environment within his or her travel team of open communication, which in turn will make everyone’s hockey season more enjoyable.

Roles and Responsibilities of the Parent Manager
The following guidelines have been prepared to give you a sense of the various tasks that PMs are often called upon to perform.  The first thing to keep in mind, especially if you are new to this role, is: you are not alone!   We have many Moms and Dads within the Hawks who have been serving as PMs for their children’s travel teams for many years, as their skaters rise up through the age levels.  Reach out to the PMs on other teams!   You can find them listed under the “Team” pages, and their names and contact information will often be posted within a few days of the start of the season, if not sooner.  Also, all PM contact information will posted here on the "Parent Manager" page as soon as possible for each season.

Also, feel free to reach out to our Parent Manager Director, Heather Cassidy, for additional help or assistance. 
Her email address is hcassidypmm@gmail.com  The Board has appointed Heather as PM Director for the coming season.
I. How Do I Become a Parent Manager?
PMs are generally selected/appointed on an informal basis after the spring try-outs are completed. This makes sense, as it is impossible to create team-specific roles until we all know which skaters will be rostered to which teams.  Also, the coaching staff does not come on line until the selection process sets the rosters. If you are interested in serving as PM, you should call or e-mail your team’s head coach and let him or her know that you are willing to do so. Many times, the head coach will have an existing relationship with one or more parents, and will reach out to one (or two) of them to act as PM.   If a volunteer does not step forward, the coach will have to reach out to his list of parents and ask for a volunteer.   Hopefully, every travel team will have a PM in place as early as late spring or early summer.
II. What Do I Do First as a PM?
A. Communication is a critical function for the PM. Your first action should be to introduce yourself to your team via a team-wide e-mail.  Email will be your most used source of communication. Create your own personal contact list containing all of your parents’ e-mail addresses. You can obtain these from the team roster once it is posted to the website. You will be given access to the Administration tab of the Hawks website which will allow you to retrieve your team’s roster, e-mail addresses, home addresses, phone numbers and player information.
While you are creating your e-mail distribution list, you should also gather the parents’ names, addresses, home and cell phone numbers.   All of this information should be assembled in a format such as an Excel spreadsheet.  This “Complete Team Information Spreadsheet” should also be distributed before the start of the season. As a courtesy, before e-mailing this to your team, let your parents know that you plan on doing so.    This is also a great way to let families know who is on their team. Suggest that parents make a copy of this and keep it in their cars for contact information in case they run into traffic, get lost, etc. when driving to a game.
It is important that you share all league wide communications with your parents, making sure everyone understands what’s happening with regards to your team and league related activities. Being proactive with this activity will aid in closing any potential communication gaps with your parents. It will also eliminate frustration levels on both sides. Remember, you will be the main source of communication between the parents and coaches, between the coaches and the Board of Directors, and between the other PMs. During the season, you will be the primary contact point for many communications from the Board of Directors about various issues like fund raising, fee schedules, etc.
A side note: If you are new to the Hawks or to the travel team environment, spend some time becoming very familiar with our website (www.whawks.com).  There is a tremendous amount of information available there. As PM, you will need to know your way around the website, including team page scheduling, game results, posting of pictures, documents, forms, etc. 
You should also create your own PM distribution e-mail list, so that you can share issues, information, concerns, etc. with all of the PMs.  It is a good habit to "cc" the other PMs on your team-wide communication, as some of your emails may prompt other PMs to take action on certain matters, or may be used as a template for other PMs who need to draft similar communications.
B. You also need to have a discussion fairly early in the Spring with your coaches. The sooner each team has a PM, the sooner the PM can take on primary responsibility for team-wide communication (instead of saddling the head coach with additional managerial tasks) on such things as: a team get-together over the summer; a beginning-of-the-year parent and coaches meeting to discuss the coaching staff’s expectations for the season; wishes and desires regarding attending holiday and away tournaments during the year; and various other things. For example, parents need to be made aware by you or the coach that they need to observe the "24-hour rule" for cooling off before approaching a PM or coach with a concern.  Coaches need to be notified by the parent if their child cannot make a practice or game, well in advance if possible.  Also, all players need to be in the locker room and ready at least 15 minutes before each game so that the coaches can spend 15 minutes with their team before going onto the ice. Time is also spent reviewing the game with the kids afterwards.
C. Finally, you need to contact the Parent Manager Director (PMD) and let her know who you are, and for what team you will be PM. 
For the 2021 -2022 season, our PMD is
Heather Cassidy, email: hcassidypmm@gmail.com
The position of PMD is an official Board-level appointment, and the PMD oversees the overall management and performance of the PMs.  The PMD can also add the PM to the proper locations on the website and guide the PM through the administrative access available to each team’s page on the website. 
III. What are some of the pre-season tasks I will need to do?
A. Organization is essential. You will need an accordion folder to keep all of your paperwork organized.
B. An e-mailed letter should go out to each member of the team by the PM, asking that the Code of Conduct and Consent to Treat forms be filled out and returned to the PM before the first practice for the season.  These forms may be found on the Hawk’s website under documents.  Attach these documents to your team e-mail so it is convenient for your parents to make an immediate response to your request.  Players will not be allowed on the ice until these forms are returned to you.  The Code of Conduct forms will be stored in your Credential Book and the Consent to Treat forms should be kept in a sealed tight bag within your first aid kit.  All teams that are Tier 3 or higher will be required to assemble a credential book for possible CHC State Tournament verification, so make sure you have these forms completed for every player on your team.
C. Tournament Information for the season should be discussed and communicated with the team’s parents.  NOTE: Lake Placid Deposits are required at the very beginning of the season.  Each team schedules tournaments, so the PM is responsible for collecting money, sending payment to the selected tournament committee and communication on logistics and activities associated with your team. 
If you want your tournament games loaded to your schedule, please e-mail the dates, times, locations and teams to  our President, Greg McGovern at: whawkspresident@wallingfordhawks and our scheduler Dan Dempsey at: wallingfordhawksscheduler@wallingfordhawks.com.
D. Travel Uniforms Need to be ordered
Early in the season, everyone will be contacted via a league-wide e-mail, from the PMD, asking that all parents on all travel teams check their child’s official game jersey, shells, and socks for sizing and condition, or, for our youngest travel teams (Mite B and Mite A), whether the kids even have an official Hawks game uniform.  The game uniform consists of an orange Hawks jersey, a logo'd shell to fit over the player's pants, and a pair of dark blue socks.

Finally, as to whether the players' names will be placed on their jerseys, this is strictly a coaching decision for each travel team.  The head coach has final say and sole discretion on whether the names will be on the jerseys.
E. Special Clothing Items for the Travel Teams
Sometimes teams will order special clothing items during the year, such as knit winter caps with the players’ names and/or jersey numbers, warm up suits, etc.  Such items are not included in the basic skating fees, and are extra costs that the PM must collect and manage. The PM should ask early in the year if there is any interest in doing these things.  If so, the PM needs to coordinate the ordering process and the collection of money from the team parents.  The league does not pay for these things.  As to what products are available, and from what vendor, contact our Vice President Scott Albraccio.   If buying special clothing items, it is helpful to “cc” all other PMs on your emails so that other teams can see what you are doing. 
A. Water Bottles and Medical Kits should be brought to EVERY game. Each player is responsible for his own water bottle (DO NOT use “community” water bottles since this is not sanitary and can easily spread illnesses among your team).  The Medical Kits are the responsibility of the team’s head coach.    Please see Ted        Fitzgerald to get a medical kit before the start of the season.
 B. Games need to be confirmed at the beginning of each week by going to the Hawks individual team schedule and checking the game time and location against the opposing teams website. You and your coach also need to stay on top of your schedule to be sure that you have practice and games scheduled for each week. If there is a discrepancy, you need to contact our Scheduler Dan Demspey at  wallingfordhawksscheduler@wallingfordhawks.com.  
C. Please make every effort to attend the Hawks monthly Board Meetings. Many topics are discussed and the Board appreciates your input. The meetings will give you a better understanding of how the organization is run and will allow you to address any questions you may have.  The Board expects to see each team PM or another representative attend as many Board meetings as possible.  Dates and times of all Board meetings are posted on our Home page.
D. Scoring and Game Clock for Home Games.  All home-game clock management and scoring is the responsibility of your team.  Please send an e-mail out to your team parents at the beginning of the season to see who is available and capable of running the clock and keeping the game sheets.  Assign those parents to be responsible for covering that duty.
   Copies of the 4-part official Game Sheets are available in the Snack Shack.  A one-page pdf copy is available on our "Documents" page, and is linked here.  The offical version of the game sheet has a white cover page, followed by yellow, pink and orange carbons.  All four pages are required.  If you win a game (home or away) or tie a “home” game, you take the white sheet and yellow sheet from the game; you then scan and EMAIL the white copy of the game sheet to your team’s CHC Tier Director (this will be found on the CHC website, chchockey.org, under "Contacts") within FIVE days, NO EXCEPTIONS.  You put the yellow sheet in your Team Book.
    If you lose a game, or tie an away game, you take the pink sheet only, and put it in your Team Book.  It is extremely important that the PM submit the "white" sheet to CHC asap, as the white sheets are the only officially recognized Game Reports that CHC will utilize in determining seeding and tournament qualifications at the end of the season.  This is especially true for teams that are Tier 3 or higher.  The orange copy goes to the referees.
   USA Hockey publishes an excellent manual entitled "The USA Hockey Off-Ice Officiating Manual", which we have posted on our website under “Documents”, that describes the roles and responsibilities of all persons working in the scorer’s booth.
    All persons working in the booth should review and understand The USA Hockey Off-Ice Officiating Manual.   The scorer’s booth is NOT a play area for youngsters to hang out during games.  Inappropriate behavior, incorrect clock operations, and poor record keeping on the game sheets reflects badly on the Hawks in general, and can be easily avoided if everyone working in the scorer’s booth reviews the Manual.  In particular, the scorekeeper and the clock operator, while performing such duties during a game, are under the jurisdiction of the on-ice officials, and must abide by the standards set for “off-ice” officials established in the Manual.  An atmosphere of neutrality must be maintained in the scorer’s booth, so no yelling, screaming, cheering, banging on the glass or anything similar is permitted in the booth.   Violations can result in bench penalties being assessed against your team.
E. Game Labels need to be made for each game.    You will need 4 labels for each game. The form for this may be found on the Hawks website under documents. The label type you will need is a 2” x 4” Avery #5263 Quick Peel. It is very important to have plenty of these on hand along with game sheets (found in the Snack Shack).
Labels are needed for all home and away games.  Game Sheets are only needed for home games.  For away games, you must locate the opposing team’s coach, PM or person responsible for game clock and give them 4 labels for their game sheet.  I would suggest giving your coach some game labels and game sheets for backup in case you are unable to attend a game.  They can keep them in the med kit. 

F. Play Maker Patches- Hat Trick (3 goals or more), Play Maker (3 assists or more), and Shut Out (for Goalies only - opposing team does not score) patches may be obtained for players with these accomplishments by emailing the Hawks registrar, Andrea Konesky email: andreakoneksy@gmail.comPlease note that a player may only receive ONE such patch per season, under any of the three categories.  For example, regardless of how many "hat tricks" a player achieves, he or she may only receive one patch for this feat.

G. Snack Shack- It is your responsibility to recruit volunteers from your team to work the Snack Shack for all of your home games at Choate.  E-mail your parents and the Snack Shack Director  with a list of all home games by date and time with a family alphabetically assigned to each game.  Let the parents know that if they are unable to work their assigned date, that it is up to them to switch with someone and make the team PM aware of the change.   If the person assigned that day and/or family does not serve their time based on the schedule, the stand will be closed during your game. This stand is a fundraising task/activity that brings in important revenue for the league that helps us keep skating costs down for the kids.  Last year alone, the Snack Shack took in approx. $8,000 in net revenue, which is applied to the Hawks operating budget to offset ice costs and skating fees.  Please make every effort to be sure this is managed during your games.  Instructions on running the Snack Shack are posted in the stand above the cash register. If you need help or have questions, please contact the snack shack director.
H. Credentials Book are needed for those teams that are at a Tier 3 or better. You will receive instruction on this at the Parent Managers meeting at the beginning of the season. It will include documents and information that must stay within this binder.    It needs to be kept up to date.  A complete credential book needs to include a copy of the official CHC team roster, signed Code of Conduct and Consent to Treat Forms, ALL game sheets, and copies of every coach's CEP/credentials as issued by USA Hockey.  Failure to have these documents may result in your team being prevented from playing in officially-sanctioned CHC State tournaments.
I. Special Events – During the season, you may be asked to hand out notices to your team such as events, pictures, fundraising, and tournament information. It is imperative that you diligently distribute all requested communications, using an e-mail distribution list.
Further Questions regarding your PM responsibilities may be directed to      Heather Cassidy, email:hcassidypmm@gmail.com